Do You Dance in 3D?


Do You Dance in 3D?

Basic.  Follow’s left turn.  Leader’s right turn.  Crossbody lead walkthrough.  For non-dancers like roofers or lawn mowers we just described a simple and common salsa pattern danced between two partners. For salsa dancers, you remember this as being something you learned early on in your dance journey.

Double spin.  Triple spin.  Hammerlocks.  In and outs.  Ok, now we’re getting fancy and more advanced.  Or are we?


A Forgotten Dimension

In our studio’s salsa program, students start their dance journey in 2 dimensions.  We build salsa dance skills in one dimension, which includes focuses on connection, flow, and technique.  The other dimension covers an understanding of the music, and how we as dancers listen to it for timing and connect to it for feeling.

A third dimension often missing or lacking in salsa scenes is, simply put, “playing the part.”  Put it any way you want. Acting.  Taking on a character.  Expressing the lyrics through your movement.  A complete dancer is three dimensional in this regard.

Woman with shadow in background dancing

It’s All or … Even Just a Little

Even if you’re not performing, dancing just a little 3D during a social dance will translate into grooving with “flavour”.  If you’re connecting with the music, letting your body express the tone of the lyrics or the percussion, and breaking away from salsa patterns and spins once in a while, you’re a complete dancer. You are having fun. You’re feeding your soul and perhaps that of another’s. You got “sabor.”

If you ever train with Baza’s performance teams, dancing in 3D means you’re an “actor” or “actress” too! It’s about the ability to adapt to different emotions and styles. This is why we inspire our students to train in other dance genres offered at Baza.  With contemporary, street jazz, Latin and hip-hop, our amazing family of instructors give you not only the technique but also unique avenues to explore self-expression in unison with the music.  When we perform, we tell a story.  We make audiences feel what we feel.

Don’t get us wrong.  2D is an incredible level to attain.  With salsa, in particular, patterns and technique make for an endless journey; but try a little 3D, and we guarantee you and others will love the extra flavour.

3D is our impact on Vancouver’s salsa dance scene.  We’re building our community and it’s going to be huge!  3D is here, and we continue to #getinspired.

Click Here to check out our Salsa lessons to learn how to groove in 3D!

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