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Baza Studio FAQ

Baza Dance Studios Downtown Vancouver

What To Wear


For partnered and latin dances (salsa, zouk, tango, bachata, kizomba, shines, styling, latin fusion 2):

  • actual dance shoes with suede outer soles

  • regular but comfortable dress shoes, flats or slim fitting casuals that do NOT have too much grip. Less friction is better.

Not Recommended
  • bulky runners, any shoe with a strong "squeaky" grip, rain boots, thick soled boots, platforms

For solo dances (hip-hop, reggaeton, street jazz, latin fusion 1, contemporary & zumba)
  • your most comfortable sporty shoes generally, less bulk allows for increased mobility some classes are best taken bare foot, in socks or ballet slippers (eg. contemporary)


  • For solo dances, definitely wear something comfortable and non-restricting. For partnered dances, dress casual, semi-formal, office ... whatever is most comfortable for you!


Best Time to Buy Discovery Pass

Discovery Pass Details

  • for first time students
  • valid for 14-days, starting on the first day you take a class
  • allows unlimited access to any drop-in classes
  • allows unlimited access to any of our partnered dance courses (at your level), provided the course is in it's 1st or 2nd week. Once a course is in it's 3rd, 4th or 5th week, we won't allow you to drop-in using the Discovery Pass

Best Time to Buy

  • If you're only interested in our solo/drop-in classes, then anytime is the best time to buy
  • If you're interested in salsa, zouk, tango, bachata and kizomba, the best time to buy is the same week that a new 5-week series starts.

  • Click here to see the next start week


Classes vs Courses


  • our partnered-dance courses generally run for 5 weeks at a time
  • since they are cumulative, we do not allow drop-in's after the first week
  • if you'd like to try it out once to see if you like it, you can do a $20 drop-in on the first day of the series only
  • no partner is required to register; we partner you up and rotate in class so that everyone gets to dance with each other. It's the best way to practice for parties!
  • 5 and 10 Class Passes are not valid for courses. You must register for the course directly
  • current offerings: Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba and Tango | CHECK NEXT START DATES
  • interested in a course and other solo dances? Try our ALL-ACCESS PASS
  • interested in 2 courses? Try our DOUBLE-SERIES PASS


  • non-cumulative, start anytime
  • single class is $16
  • save with our 5 and 10 class pass options
  • choose from contemporary, reggaeton, hip-hop, breakdance, salsa shines, ladies styling, latin fusion & zumba


Do I Need a Partner?

  • you do NOT need to register with a partner for any of our classes or courses
  • for our partnered dances, we partner you up and rotate during class so that everyone dances with each other
  • if you do register as a couple and wish to remain together during class, that's OK! However, rotating does prepare you for dancing with everyone at the socials :)

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