An Improved Exerience // 2018 Changes and Reminders

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An Improved Exerience // 2018 Changes and Reminders

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Classes vs. Courses

As a reminder, classes are drop-in style, available on a week to week basis. Most classes are open-level, with a few requiring more intermediate to advanced training. Courses run in multiple week sets, usually 6 weeks long. Our partnered-dances and some specialized offerings run as courses.


Drop-ins are still allowed for classes (obviously! :D). Drop-ins are now only allowed for LEVEL 1 courses in the FIRST week of the 6-week series. This allows new students to discover the studio and our teaching style, while allowing us to promote commitment and provide a cohesive group learning experience for those moving up in levels.

Discovery Pass

This refers to our offer of 14 days all-access dancing, now with some restrictions. For classes the pass is still valid for all. However, for courses, the Discovery Pass is now only valid for LEVEL 1 partnered-dance courses or courses that do not have levels. This allows us to continue helping newcomers discover dance and discover Baza. At the same time, we aim to improve the experience for those choosing to continue into the higher levels, by promoting commitment to full courses and growing together as a cohesive group.

Monthly All-Access Policy

Package holders must pre-register for classes and courses. Members are free to take multiple courses, provided they are able to commit to each full course. Ie: one cannot start a course, then switch to another midway. This allows us to anticipate lead-to-follow ratios for partnered-dance courses, and cap classes if necessary. It also creates a better learning experience since those in a course, start, practice, and grow together. Reviewing is an important part of our syllabus, and having students join midway is disruptive to this process. Let's work together to create the best learning environment for everyone!

Course Changes

Courses are changing from 5 to 6-weeks long. This allows more time to effectively teach the material we feel needs to be covered in each level, as well as provide time for practice. It’s also nice to have the time to bond within your group and build that camaraderie - it’s all about the experience!

This also comes with a price change to $96 for 6-weeks, early bird pricing. Early bird pricing ends on the Sunday of the week when a new series starts (assuming Sunday is the first day of the week). Price jumps to $105 on the Monday, regardless of which day a course starts that week. This allows us to anticipate lead-to-follow ratios, giving us time to try to even things out, or cap attendance if necessary.

If you have never taken a level 1 course with Baza, a free pre-booked 10-minute assessment is required prior to entering level 2 or higher. Contact us to book.
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