Summer Kizomba Workshops Vancouver

Summer Kizomba Workshops Vancouver

3 hr bootcamp Aug 7th: $45 + GST // 15% off for Monthly membership holders

2 hr workshops: $30 + GST // included with Monthly memberships

August 7

Follow-Focused Intensive Workshop (6-9pm)

This class if for those that have completed a Level 1 Kizomba Class.
This workshop will be an intensive bootcamp style workshop focused on improving your follow technique. It will allow you to review and hone in on the skills covered in the kizomba and semba body topics covered in class. There will also be a surprise challenge at the end of the class to put everything together.

Package usage:
Direct Drop in registration for the 2 hrs $47.25 (tax included)
All Access Members get 15% off


August 14

Semba & Kizomba Body Movement (6-8pm)

This 2 hour workshop will develop both lead and follow body
movement. Quality of movement is a crucial factor in how you “feel” as
a dancer, and through the techniques and exercises completed in the
workshop you will have the tools to continue to develop your range of
motion in the weeks and months following….You WILL be sore by the
end! but that’s just your body adapting to a greater depth of movement
which will translate into more beautiful and elegant ginga on the
dance floor.

August 21

Kizomba Connection & Role Reversal (6-8pm)

This 2 hour workshop will help you create seamless connection with
your partner by experiencing what it’s like to dance “on the other
side”. The greater knowledge of how lead technique operates and
follows respond to this technique will allow you to become a more
clear, and readable lead, and more gentle and smooth follow. The class
will feature several exercises designed to facilitate these changes to
your dancing technique.

August 28

Tarraxinha (6-8pm)

Tarraxinha is a separate dance and genre from kizomba, but is often
played at the parties we love to attend. It is typically danced
on-the-spot and has very little in the way of steps, instead focusing
on subtle movments and isolations as two bodies move as one to the
music. This class will teach you everything you need in terms of
basics of Tarraxinha dancing.

September 4

Basic Lean Technique (6-8pm)

When dancing kizomba and semba, leans are often used as a form of
musicality, often to hit particular moments on the dance floor. While
often executed for a short amount of time, strong technique is needed
to both lead and follow these social-dance floor appropriate
movements. Workshop attendees will learn several ways to execute
social dance appropriate leans safely (and beautifully :))

September 11

Foot Catches & Leg Lift Technique (6-8pm)

In our final workshop of the summer season, we will be teaching
several options for foot catches and leg lifts. These can be used for
dancing both Kizomba and Semba, and are quick and playful way to add
surprise to a dance. While the leader is doing the “catching” and the
“lifting”, strong technique from those being “caught” and “lifted” is
needed to ensure balanced and effortless execution of these unexpected
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