Baza Policies

Baza Privacy Policy

Information we collect will never be shared with or sold to any entities outside of Baza Dance Studios Inc. Your information will always be stored on secure, password-protected platforms. If you at any time consent to receive Baza news and promotional communications, you may at any time unsubscribe.

Baza Mandatory Waiver - no longer required

Students are now required to complete a mandatory waiver for EACH visit. Since travel outside of BC is possible in between visits to the studio, this policy must be in place to ensure the safety of everyone.

Scan the QR code posted on the wall upon entering the studio (enable QR scanning in your phone's camera app).

Registration Policy


∙ online pre-registration 1hr in advance required. No in-person registrations allowed

∙ we've implemented a class cap to allow for distancing during this re-opening phase

∙ cancellations must be completed by you no less than 2 hrs before class time, otherwise payment is forfeited

∙ all-access members: a $10 no-show fee applies if you miss or late-cancel a class for which you are registered


∙ online registration for virtual classes is cut-off 1hr prior to class start time

∙ a Zoom invitation will be emailed to the address we have on file, 30 mins prior to class start time

Baza Safety Protocol

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