Covid-19 Updates

Baza Dance Studios is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for its community. In a continuing effort to do its part to keep all of its members healthy, our studio follows the protocols recommended by BC Provincial Health - these may include mask wearing, proof of vaccine, and capacity restrictions. More information about the Province of BC's current response to Covid-19 and prevention protocols may be found here

Timeline of Events

  • Dec 22nd 2021PHO Update

    In accordance with BC Provincial Health all adult classes are on pause until January 18. Youth programming is permitted to continue as scheduled beginning Saturday, January 8, 2022 with enhanced safety protocols in place.
  • Oct 24th 2021PHO Update (Vaccine Passport)

    Starting Oct 24th, 2021, please be prepared to show your BC Vaccine Card, showing proof of full vaccination, along with government issued ID, in order to enter the studio. Thank you.
  • July 19th 2021Studio Update

    Masks are now optional only while participating in solo dance classes. Masks are still mandatory in common areas and in partner dance classes. Please bring your mask. Thanks so much.
  • July 1st 2021Public Health Update

    Masks are still mandatory for students, but optional for instructors.

    ☑️ Partner switching/rotations now allowed in partner dance classes. Registration with a partner is NO LONGER REQUIRED. Couples preferring to remain together during class may do so.

    ☑️ We are increasing the capacity in all studios. Please use the "feet stickers"

    Reasoning: we are in a transition phase. Every student's comfort level is different so we are easing gradually. With Public Health releasing general guidelines, we are considering our students' comfort levels (based also on surveys), the fact that our activity level is higher than a retail store, and the factor of increasing our capacities.
  • May 25 2021Public Health Update

    Latest PHO restrictions from March 29 to May 25 have now lifted. Effective May 26, 2021, low-intensity in-studio classes resume. Virtual and Outdoor classes will continue, in addition to in-studio classes.
  • Mar 29 2021Public Health Update

    Latest PHO restrictions require us to pause all in-studio group classes until April 19th, 2021. In-studio Kids Classes are still on, as well as in-studio 1 on 1 private lessons.
  • Jan 12 2021Public Health Reference

    For your reference, our partial opening starting Jan 16th is based on the official guideline issued by BC. We are keeping high-intensity classes on our Virtual platform, and running select low-intensity classes both Virtually and In-Studio.

    BC Public Health Guideline - Dec 14, 2020
  • Jan 5 2021Studio Update - Happy New Year

    All virtual classes are currently running. Current BC Public Health regulations will allow us to operate "low-intensity" in-studio classes, which we will resume starting Jan 16, 2021, for a limited selection of classes. Masks are still required at all times inside the studio, even in class. No outdoor shoes allowed. Please bring a change of shoes.
  • Nov 24 2020Studio Update

    The Government of BC announced that dance studios are to temporarily suspend in-studio classes, until they post new guidelines, which they anticipate to be ready by Nov 30th. We will keep everyone posted. We're sorry for the back and forth, and really appreciate your patience and understanding. Sending warm vibes to you all.
  • Nov 19 2020Studio Update

    The Government of BC announced that dance studios are allowed to be open. We are resuming our in-studio classes on Monday November 23rd. Our partner dance courses resume on Friday November 27th. Masks are now mandatory at all times in the studio, including while participating in class. We aim for our protocol to be consistent and for our community to have confidence in our safety measures. Therefore, everyone needs to follow the same rules we establish, and we kindly ask those unable to wear a mask, for any reason, to please refrain from in-studio classes at this time. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Nov 8 2020Studio Update

    Due to BC Provincial Health orders issued Nov 7, 2020, we are closing the studio and pausing in-person classes until further notice. We will be in touch with Public Health as soon as possible, and communicate once we get the go-ahead to re-open. We are continuing with virtual classes via Zoom, so we'll see you on that online dance floor :)
  • Nov 6 2020Studio Update

    Following public health guidelines, masks are expected and highly recommended at all times in the studio. However, at this time, it's still only mandatory when entering/exiting the studio, in common areas, and washrooms. During class, if you are able, please wear a mask. Thank you to everyone for helping us maintain a safe dance environment, allowing us to continue with operations.
  • Oct 13 2020Studio Update

    Here is our all-in-one summary outlining what we are doing to protect you and our staff. We maintain physical distancing during and inside a class by following floor stickers spaced out at least 6ft apart (in most cases 8ft apart). We mandate the use of masks in all common areas, when entering and exiting the studio, and when waiting for and using washrooms. Masks are currently only optional when inside and participating in a class. We make hand sanitizer available throughout the studios and common areas. We clean common area storage shelves/surfaces, benches, and digital sign-in devices, in between each class. We disinfect payment terminals in between each use. We use government approved disinfecting agents. We have separate protocols specific to students, instructors, and staff, outlining common area use, mask wearing, hand washing and sanitizing, and social interactions. We further minimize risk of virus spread in common areas by discouraging “hang outs”, requiring students to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to class and to leave immediately after class. For partner classes, we do not switch partners within class, and you must register with a partner with whom you share the same social bubble. We have installed hydroxyl generating machines in each group studio, as an additional measure to fight airborne and surface viruses - these machines release hydroxyls which are proven to seek out and destroy viruses. For each and every single visit, students must sign a waiver before entering the studio. This can be done ahead of time using a link in the registration confirmation, or right before entering the studio by scanning a QR code with a phone. Each waiver confirms that a student (including members of their household): has not experienced covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days, has not travelled internationally in the last 30 days, has not travelled to a highly impacted area in the last 30 days, does not believe they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19, has not been diagnosed with covid-19 in the last 30 days, and that Baza Dance Studios Inc. cannot be held liable for exposure to covid-19 due to misinformation provided through this waiver. Through waiver contact information and our Mindbody registration software, we have contact information available, should contact tracing be necessary. If a member is sick: We will prohibit them from entering the studio. Guide them to self-quarantine for 14 days. Allow them back into class only after 14 days and if they no longer show symptoms. If a member tests positive within 14 days after visiting the studio, we will contact Vancouver Coastal Health for further instructions on contact tracing. If a member is not following guidelines: They will be asked to leave the studio and can only come back when they agree to follow protocols, or when the time comes that we can remove our restrictions.
  • Aug 10 2020Mask Update

    We now require masks when entering the studio, exiting the studio, and in common areas. Masks are only allowed off during class, while taking a class. Thanks for your cooperation!
  • Jul 4 2020The Return of Partnering Courses

    Partnered courses return with coupled physical distancing enforced; meaning no switching/rotating of partners. We advise students to register with a partner whom they consider a part of their general social circle.
  • Jun 8 2020Studio Re-Opens

    Following Worksafe BC safety guidelines, Baza re-opens on Jun 8th! We will continue our virtual program so that you can continue dancing with us from home. For in-person classes, we will begin with solo dancing and fitness (no partnering, no touching) and re-assess as we move forward with re-opening phases.
  • Apr 6 2020Program Changes

    In order to create a more sustainable program, we created a payment structure, allowing students to attend our online classes via single drop-in, weekly pass, or monthly pass options. We continue to offer a variety of free classes so that more students can enjoy dancing with us during this difficult time.
  • Mar 16 2020Virtual Program Launch

    Executing a fast pivot, we immediately started live streaming classes online, where students attended for free or by donation.
  • Mar 15 2020Studio Closure

    We officially closed our doors and ceased operations at the studio in order to help slow the spread of covid-19.
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