Tango Lessons Vancouver

Tango Dance Classes & Lessons

Where should you take tango lessons in Vancouver?

  • You're already at the right place! Baza Dance Studios is a latin dance powerhouse in Vancouver with some of the best and well known instructors in the city.
  • We offer private tango classes as well as occasional workshops right in downtown Vancouver; we're located at 1304 Seymour Street.

Why Choose Baza?

  • Our studio feels like a home. No really, it does! Come check it out, get comfy and make it yours too!
  • Quality - we cover all concepts like technique, connection and timing to make you a smooth dancer with flow. Ask around in Vancouver's latin dance scene; Baza is known for being silky smooth!
  • Our tango lessons are taught by Brazil's Zandro Z, in downtown Vancouver. Trained in Argentina, Sandro will help you build the special connection and flow needed for tango. Enjoy the music. Have fun. Get inspired. Zandro makes it easy!
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