Kizomba Lessons Vancouver

Kizomba Dance Classes & Lessons

Where should you take Kizomba lessons in Vancouver?

  • You're already at the right place! Baza Dance Studios is a partnered dance powerhouse in Vancouver with some of the best and well known instructors in the city.
  • We offer group Kizomba classes as well as private lessons right in downtown Vancouver; we're located at 1304 Seymour Street.

Why Choose Baza?

  • Our studio feels like a home. No really, it does! Come check it out, get comfy and make it yours too!
  • Quality - we cover all concepts like technique, connection and timing to make you a smooth dancer with flow. Ask around in Vancouver's dance scene; Baza is known for being silky smooth!
  • Our Kizomba classes are taught by the duo of Nathan Moes and Narmana Majumder. Our team gives you the perfect combination of high quality instruction and a friendly vibe, resulting in a solid foundation for your dancing and more enjoyment when learning to dance kizomba! Nathan and Narmana will help develop your skills and also give you room to develop your own style and flow. Private lessons are also offered.

Students get 15% OFF with valid ID (use student code student15)

Which Kizomba lesson level is for you?




No previous experience. Absolute beginner. This is for you if you've never danced with a partner or don't know basic partner connection concepts. (Coming soon)



Experience Beginner

You've graduated from our Level 1 series or have some basic kizomba experience. Now you need to build your technique & start adding more moves. This level is where you're at. (Will be offered in the future)




You've completed our level 2 modules or have been dancing Kizomba at a novice level for a while. We now move into more complex connection technique and body movement!


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