Salsa & Bachata Saturday Workshops Vancouver

About our GTK (Get to Know) Workshops

GTK is off for the summer! Check back for September dates - enjoy the sun!

Our GTK workshops are a chance for you to Get To Know the dance, Get To Know our lovely instructors and Get To Know Baza and the amazing vibes here!

These special Intro workshops are catered to Absolute Beginners. We know starting on your dance journey can be a bit scary at first or intimidating, which is why these sessions are a perfect place to start. The pace will be nice and slow, allowing you to wet your feet in the dance without feeling too overwhelmed. You will learn the very basics of the dance which will allow you to feel more confident heading into our Level 1 classes. Most of our students are here to have fun, mingle and get into Social dancing in this amazing community! 

No experience is necessary! These workshops are catered for those new to latin social dancing, and perfect for beginner dancers wishing to have a solid refresher on the basics.

Open to all dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, signing up with a partner is not required as leads and follows will rotate (change partners) throughout the workshop.

Cost: $45 + GST per person

Instructor: Celina & John


Do I need to sign up with a partner? You do not need to sign up with a partner!  It is very common for folks to sign up for partner dance classes as individuals. While traditionally males are leads and females are follows, we are open to individuals making their choice when coming to learn with us. We just ask you that whether you choose to be a lead or a follow that you stick with that role until you are very experience dancer.

If I have a partner can we sign up together? Each person has to sign up individually - if you want to pay for two people please email us at to get that set up properly for you.

How long is each workshop? 2 hours, with a water break in the middle.

What will I learn? Students will learn the fundamentals of either Salsa or Bachata - the instructor will focus on the foundation figures as well as cover fundamental theory behind lead and follow.

If I attend the workshop only once am I ready for Level 1? GTK workshops are designed to prepare students to enter Level 1 classes right away, but if you're feeling not-quite-ready there is nothing stopping you from taking a GTK workshop more than once. 

How often do GTK workshops take place? Currently GTK Intro Salsa will take place every 2nd Saturday of the month and GTK Bachata will take place every 4th Saturday of the month, but watch out for more GTK workshops covering other dances and other topics!

Navigate to the desired date using the calendar below, and click "BOOK".

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