Salsa & Bachata Workshops Vancouver

Next GTK is  May 25th, 2024

About our GTK (Get to Know) Workshops

Curious about Latin Social Dancing but don't know where to start?  Get to Know Salsa & Bachata with Baza!

Our GTK sessions are a chance for you to Get To Know the dance, Get To Know our lovely instructors and Get To Know Baza and the amazing vibes here!

No prior dance experience is necessary to take a GTK workshop! These workshops are catered for those new to Latin social dancing, and a perfect primer for our Intro courses.

Open to all dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, signing up with a partner is not required as leads and follows will rotate (change partners) throughout the workshop.

GTK Salsa & Bachata workshop takes place once a month. Scroll down to register for the next one!

Cost: $45 + GST per person

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May 25th, 2024 GTK Salsa & Bachata (one 2-hour workshop)

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