Salsa Dance Classes in Vancouver

Regular courses start when we re-open.

• space is limited
• pre-registration is REQUIRED, and you and your partner must register separately
• price is per person (eg. $168 total per couple for a 4 week course)
• registration WITH A PARTNER is required (except for teaser classes where no partner is required), since we are NOT switching partners during the course
• coupled physical distancing in effect at all times
• partners must mutually and exclusively be a part of the same social circle outside of the dance studio

Click course titles for detailed info and pricing

Pay attention to courses titled STUDIO or VIRTUAL, and register accordingly whether you want to attend in-person in studio, or virtually via Zoom.

Courses take multiple weeks to complete and start on specific weeks. Next course startup: Week of Nov 30th - Special 1 time teaser drop-in class Dec 11

Salsa Intro Teaser - ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS 1 class drop-in
Salsa Intro Courses - ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS

Choose Mondays or Fridays

Salsa Level 3 - ON2 INTERMEDIATE
Salsa Level 4 - ON2 ADVANCED
Weekly Salsa Shines (Unisex) - DROP-IN

• solo footwork & body movement salsa drop-in classes available every Wednesday
• please book from our drop-ins page

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Salsa On2 - Choreo Challenge
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