On2 Salsa Dance Courses & Drop-in lessons in Vancouver

Courses take multiple weeks to complete and start on specific weeks. Next startups: Week of Nov 18

Start Wednesday or Friday

Wednesdays only

Thursdays only

• Wednesdays 9:30-10:30pm
• free for currently enrolled salsa students // $5 for visitors
• super-casual, intended for practicing class material!

• weekly drop-in
• footwork & body movement for experienced salsa dancers

• we offer occasional salsa bootcamps designed for beginners
• for the seasoned salsa dancers, look out for specialty workshops!

Looking for Cuban Salsa lessons?

• Cuban Salsa is another popular style of salsa with a more circular path of dance
• our cuban salsa courses/workshops generally occur on weekends


Mondays 8:30-9:45pm from Sep 16 to Dec 16

Multiple Week Courses

• We offer beginner to advanced Salsa On2 lessons

• Most classes are offered twice a week. Register for a main day but have the option to come to the second day for a small extra fee & get extra practice! If you can't make it to your main day on a certain week, let us know ahead of time and you can make it up on the second day at no extra cost.


• 4 hr courses // $80 (GST included)

• 6 hr courses // $105 (GST included)

• each extra class you take is $8 (1 hr classes) or $10 (1.5 hr classes)

• check course descriptions for price exceptions

College students get 15% OFF (regular pricing) with valid ID | EMAIL US with proof of status to receive code or register in person

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