Salsa Dance Classes in Vancouver

What is Salsa?

Salsa is a dance and musical style with Caribbean and African roots and it includes a mixture of various Rhythms such as Chachacha, Son Montuno, Guajiras and Guarachas. It is known to be fun and spicy, and today you can find a Salsa scene in almost any part of the world!

What do you mean by "On1" and "On2"?

Salsa dance has three main styles - Casino (Cuban), On1 (L.A. Style) and On2 (New York Style). The names refer to the origins of the style and each style is characterized by the main "breaking step", the line of dance, as well as by the way the lead and follow execute their turns and styling. While originally each style was shaped to suit a specific style of Salsa music, over the decades the popularization of Salsa (dance and music) has led dancers all over the world dancing all styles of Salsa dance to all styles of Salsa music.

Salsa Instructors:

Salsa Level 1 (On1) & 2 (On1): Kristal and John
Salsa Level 3 (On1), Salsa On2 Transition class and Salsa Level 4 (On2): Wayne & Kristal
Salsa On1 Footwork and Salsa Cardio: Celina
Salsa On2 Technique and Footwork: Celina or Melissa

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New to Salsa?

NEW Beginner Salsa courses on Mondays and Fridays are now open for registration!

  • Suitable for complete beginners, no previous dance experience necessary!
  • No partner necessary
  • Students sign up for the full 4-week course
  • Monday course starts on August 8th // Friday course starts on August 5th

Cost: $90 + GST/person

Start Monday August 8th Start Friday August 5th

Pricing - drop-in style classes:

Single Session: $25 +gst
5-Session Pack: $115 +gst
10-Session Pack: $210 +gst

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Salsa Intro Saturday Workshops - ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS START HERE

Our GTK workshops are a chance for you to Get To Know the dance, Get To Know our lovely instructors and Get To Know Baza and the amazing vibes here!

These special Intro workshops are catered to Absolute Beginners. We know starting on your dance journey can be a bit scary at first or intimidating, which is why these sessions are a perfect place to start. The pace will be nice and slow, allowing you to wet your feet in the dance without feeling too overwhelmed. You will learn the very basics of the dance which will allow you to feel more confident heading into our Level 1 classes. Most of our students are here to have fun, mingle and get into Social dancing in this amazing community!

No experience is necessary! These workshops are catered for those new to latin social dancing, and perfect for beginner dancers wishing to have a solid refresher on the basics.

Open to all dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, signing up with a partner is not required as leads and follows will rotate (change partners) throughout the workshop.We even have pest control technicians from North Shore join us after a long day of work.

Happens on the 2nd Saturday of every month

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Salsa Level 1 - BEGINNERS
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Salsa Level 3 - ON1 INTERMEDIATE
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Salsa Level 4 - ON2 Inter/Advanced
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Weekly Salsa Shines (Unisex) - Virtual or In-studio Drop-ins
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