Zouk Dance Events in Vancouver

Zouk Flowin'

Zouk at Suede

"Flow Vibes"

It's a Zouk room at Suede Soul!

6:10pm Zouk Lesson - Social dancing 7pm to 10pm in 3 rooms (salsa, bachata, and zouk)

The Zouk Garden

Special Event

Welcome to dance paradise 🌴 ! It is with big love in our hearts that we invite you to The Zouk Garden.
In the spirit of the inclusive vibes of Brazilian culture, The Zouk Garden is an inspired space to dance, grow, connect with old friends and make new ones all while enjoying the eclectic and sensual sounds of dj Javi πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸŽΌ.
A night for everyone, the Zouk Garden is a dance social unlike any social you have experienced before: evocative, elegant, playful, and immersive - it is sure to be a delight for all your senses 😌!

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