Zouk Lessons Vancouver

• space is limited, pre-registration is REQUIRED, and you and your partner must register under your own accounts (unless the course is specified as a solo no-partner course)
• price is per person (eg. $168 total per couple for a 4 week course)
• registration WITH A PARTNER is required for most courses (please read courses descriptions
• no partner switching and coupled physical distancing in effect at all times
• partners must mutually and exclusively be a part of the same social circle outside of the dance studio

"no partner" or solo options are available: for example, Intro to Zouk (level 1), is for solo dancers. We also have Tryday Friday "Teaser" classes. The goal of these solo classes is to teach you the foundation required for partner dancing, as well as introduce you to the dance community and hopefully find you a dance partner for higher level courses!

Click course titles for detailed info and pricing

Pay attention to courses titled STUDIO or VIRTUAL, and register accordingly whether you want to attend in-person in studio, or virtually via Zoom.

Courses take multiple weeks to complete and start on specific weeks. Next startups: Dec 2nd - Special 1 time teaser class on Nov 27th

Zouk Intro Teaser - ABSOLUTE BEGINNER single drop-in class
Zouk Intro For Absolute Beginners - COURSE

Wednesdays only

Zouk Level 2 - COURSE

Wednesdays only

Zouk Level 3 - COURSE

Wednesdays only

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