Bachata Lessons Vancouver

What is Bachata?

Bachata music and dance originated from the Dominican Republic and has its roots in Merengue, Bolero, and Cuban Son. At Baza Dance Studios we have our own special flavour of Bachata classes - from our Beginner course that start you at Bachata Moderna ("Modern Bachata") through to our higher levels, we truly support students wishing to explore all aspects of Bachata dancing - from it's rich Dominican roots to its development into "Bachata Sensual" in Europe.

Bachata Instructors:

Bachata Levels 1 & 2: John & Kristal
Bachata Level 3: Wayne & Kristal
Bachata Sensual Level 3 & 4: Monica & Jorelle

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NEW Beginner Bachata course on Tuesdays is now open for registration!

  • Suitable for complete beginners, no previous dance experience necessary!
  • No partner necessary
  • Students sign up for the full 4-week course
  • next course begins on Tuesday August 2nd

Cost: $90 + GST/person

Start Aug 2nd

Pricing - drop-in style classes:

Single Session: $25 +gst
5-Session Pack: $115 +gst
10-Session Pack: $210 +gst

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page!

Bachata Intro Saturday Workshops - ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS START HERE

Our GTK workshops are a chance for you to Get To Know the dance, Get To Know our lovely instructors and Get To Know Baza and the amazing vibes here!

These special Intro workshops are catered to Absolute Beginners. We know starting on your dance journey can be a bit scary at first or intimidating, which is why these sessions are a perfect place to start. The pace will be nice and slow, allowing you to wet your feet in the dance without feeling too overwhelmed. You will learn the very basics of the dance which will allow you to feel more confident heading into our Level 1 classes. Most of our students are here to have fun, mingle and get into Social dancing in this amazing community!

No experience is necessary! These workshops are catered for those new to latin social dancing, and perfect for beginner dancers wishing to have a solid refresher on the basics.

Open to all dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, signing up with a partner is not required as leads and follows will rotate (change partners) throughout the workshop. We even have roofers from Delta join us after a long day of work.

Happens on the 4th Saturday of every month

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Bachata Level 1- BEGINNERS
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Bachata Level 3 & 4 - Moderna/Urban and Sensual streams available
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Bachata Footwork & Styling - Drop-ins / Virtual and In-studio options
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