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Where should you take bachata lessons in Vancouver?

  • You're already at the right place! Baza Dance Studios is a latin dance powerhouse in Vancouver with some of the best and well known instructors in the city.
  • We offer group bachata classes as well as private lessons right in downtown Vancouver; we're located at 1304 Seymour Street.

Why Choose Baza?

  • Our studio feels like a home. No really, it does! Come check it out, get comfy and make it yours too!
  • Quality - we cover all concepts like technique, connection and timing to make you a smooth dancer with flow. Ask around in Vancouver's latin dance scene; Baza is known for being silky smooth!
  • Teamwork - we run regular practices and schedule group outings to bachata dances happening around Vancouver. We help you and our students love to help each other. That's why we're known for that family feel!
  • Funk & Groove - this is what really sets Baza apart. We add a groovy funky flavour to your bachata dancing. Have more fun when you're out grooving at the many latin dance events Vancouver has to offer

Evolution of our Bachata program

  • Baza has become synonymous with smooth and groovy. For our Bachata program, we maintain this feel as we establish the roots and foundations, then move on to modern movements. With the popularity of another movement in the bachata world, we are now incorporating material from the official syllabus of the creators of Sensual Bachata, Korke & Judith.
  • In our classes, you get technique based training, resulting in amazing high level connection between partners. When you learn proper technique, you experience flow on a whole different level. Layer that on top of the fun, groovy moves we add into the mix and the result is Bliss!


  • Click on course titles to find pricing in descriptions
  • Generally, our pricing follows this structure, where early bird ends on a specified Sunday before a course commences (GST included):
  • 6-weeks x 1 hr // $96 early bird // $105 regular


College students get 15% OFF with valid ID | EMAIL US with proof of status to receive code or register in person


We aim to make you a well-rounded bachata dancer while helping you find your own style.

Which bachata lesson level is for you?




No previous experience. Absolute beginner. This is for you if you've never danced with a partner or don't know basic partner connection concepts.



Experience Beginner

You've graduated from our Level 1 series or have some basic bachata experience. Now you need to build your technique & start adding more moves. This level is where you're at.




You've completed our level 2 modules or have been dancing bachata at a novice level for a while. We now move into more complex footwork, timing, connection technique and body movement!
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