Discover Baza Dance Classes in Vancouver and #getinspired

What is the discovery pass?

• 14 consecutive calendar days of unlimited classes at YOUR DANCE LEVEL
• one AMAZING price!
• not valid for workshops, bootcamps, or kids classes
• for NEW STUDENTS ONLY. 1 time purchase. Cannot be placed on hold
• we have 3 options

Option 1

• discovery pass for adult "drop-in" style classes
• drop-in style classes are generally solo dances
• eg. latin fusion, reggaeton, hip-hop, grooving, zumba, samba no pé

• non-progressive. Every class is different from week to week.
• start your 14 days at anytime!
• only $25 + GST

Option 2

• discovery pass for adult partner dance courses
• partner dance courses are progressive
• they run for multiple weeks at a time (for eg. 4, 5 or 6 week courses)
• valid only for INTRO LEVEL COURSES (eg. Intro Salsa, Intro Bachata, Intro Urban Kiz, Intro Zouk)
• pay a prorated amount if you want to finish a course after your 14 days expires
• you must start your 14 days on the FIRST WEEK of a multi-week course (discovery pass is not valid after a course has already commenced)
• only $40 + GST

Option 3

• combine option 1 & 2 for an awesome price!
• save $ and pay only $55 + GST

If you're a new student, you can also purchase a discovery pass by booking a class or course in our Baza app (GOOGLE | APPLE) & choosing "Discovery Pass" as your payment option.

Not valid for workshops or bootcamps listed below

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Community Love

Baza's commitment to you and the community starts with dance, and transcends into a desire to enrich everyone's lives . We provide high-level dance education in a supportive, collaborative and engaging environment. We inspire students to grow, take risks, and engage with the community in ways that will have a great positive impact on society. Through participation in collaboration socials, local charity events, and much more, together we get inspired!

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