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G E T   I N S P I R E D

• keep learning and stay inspired
• live to inspire others

F O S T E R   C O M M U N I T Y

• be inclusive
• promote collaboration

B E   I N N O V A T I V E

• take pride in being unique
• be creative and take risks

B E   C A R I N G

• take interest in the well-being of others
• lend a helping hand

E M B R A C E   G R O W T H

• try something new
• never settle for comfort

Wayne Barbaza

With gifts of rhythm and musicality, Wayne has quickly excelled and created a name for himself in the dance scene over the last few years. Having trained in Salsa since 2008 in Toronto and now teaching since 2013 in Vancouver, he has become one of the leading teachers in the city, known for his strong foundational knowledge and his own groovy flavour. His choreographies have garnered international praise and his Baza teaching style always results in students asking for more, both locally and internationally. As he gains more and more exposure, look for Wayne to make more waves in the dance scene!

Kristal Wei

Kristal has been dancing since the age of 4 and has a strong background in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, and Latin dance, with experience in other styles. She is now one of the leaders in the Vancouver dance scene, having been teaching and performing since 2013 with Wayne. Her attention to detail is admired by students in her classes, and also shows in the quality of her performances. She is passionate about always continuing to learn different things and forever being a student. Kristal currently teaches Salsa, Bachata and ChaChaCha and co-directs the Baza Salsa teams.

Arely Santana
Instructor/Studio Manager

Born and raised in Mexico, Arely started dancing at the young age of 12. At the age of 17, she moved to Vancouver Canada, where she expanded her dancing and learned Salsa On2 at Dance Vancouver and later continued her growth as a dancer with Bachata Vancouver. She partnered with Ronald Martinez where she gained further experience in Bachata, Salsa On2, Zouk and Kizomba and performed and instructed.
Arely has also traveled around Canada to teach and perform at festivals and congresses.Her flow, her technique, her styling, and her movement have no limits!

Abigail Rios Galindo
Community Engagement Manager

If you haven't met Abi, you will when you come in! She's usually greeting you at reception with a friendly smile and uplifting energy. She heads our community engagement initiatives, from planning outings to liaising with community partners. Aside from that, she is a salsa superstar in the making - she trains on our Baza Soul Salsa Team as well!

Marilu Retana

With a degree in Contemporary Dance, and over 10 years of experience performing internationally as a solo artist and for Latin American icons, she's got the talent to match her energy. Watch out!

"Beyond body movement, I believe that dancing is the best way to connect with ourselves and other human souls. Dance makes us free and happy. I want my students to believe in dance as a way to share energy and connect."

Antonya Raymond

Given the chance to be exposed to Latin and Caribbean styles at a young age, Antonya has been part of many fundraisers, events, music videos and classes. She has worked with the BCCancer Foundation, InspiredHealth, Tapestry Living, and creating a Deaf Zumba® Program, sharing her passion for wellness. Art, movement, and inner beauty are the fundamental concepts of why we do what we do in Zumba®. Get ready to move your hips faster than Beyonce and Shakira combined, get a great workout, meet some awesome new faces, and feel energized!

Pamela Podmoroff

Pamela began dance at the age of 2 1/2 at the Canadian school of ballet in Kelowna BC. With over 14 years of training in ballet, jazz, tap and modern, dance led to her love of theatre performance and ultimately to dance instruction. Pamela started partner dancing in 1998, along with Ballroom teacher training, which paved her way towards her passion, West Coast Swing. She has been teaching partner dance full-time for over 14 years, locally as well as across Canada and the US. Pamela teaches a variety of dances including west coast swing, Carolina shag, east coast swing, country 2-step, nightclub 2-step, salsa and non-partner club freestyle dancing. Pamela is not only a technically knowledgeable instructor, and first dance wedding choreographer, she is also one of Canada's top West Coast Swing competitors. She has had many wins, including a 2 nd place finish at the Holy Grail of swing, the US Open Swing Dance championships. Pamela loves sharing all that inspires her. Both her enthusiasm and passion for dance are infectious. Her ability to keep things fun while learning the fundamentals, is what has always made her classes popular. Dance has always been an integral part of her life and she hopes others get to find their own magic on an amazing dance path!

Celina Villarroel Whiting

Celina began her dance journey at the age of 8, starting with Modern dance and then eventually expanding her training to include Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Street dance, Hip Hop, Salsa, Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Afro fusion and Brazilian Samba. She is a professional dancer and teacher with past credits that include music videos, corporate performances, live shows and dance competitions. She is a graduate from SFU with a BSc. Kinesiology and a highly sought out fitness professional. She utilizes her extensive background in the science of movement and the human body when teaching dance and fitness. Her expertise in both dance and kinesiology allows her to help her students master their own unique movement. She strives to live her passions of captivating audiences with her dancing as well as teaching everyone how to move and dance.

Tracie Yee

Tracie is a diverse, passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated dance artist, instructor and choreographer. She started her dance training at an early age in Traditional Chinese Folkloric Dance in her hometown of Winnipeg, MB. With over 20 years of experience in the performing arts, Tracie’s teaching and performance experience spans a wide range of dance styles, from Cabaret to Salsa to Brazilian Samba to Kizomba. Known for her energy and passion for every class she teaches, Tracie is dedicated to continuing to be the best dance professional she can be, sharing her knowledge and love of dance and music with all those around her. Based out of Vancouver, BC since 2014, she currently teaches Dominican Bachata and Kizomba with her partner Cesar Salazar. With her 10 years plus teaching Zumba, she now teaches this amazing latin fitness class with Baza. Come #getinspired with Tracie!

Ty and Shay

Get fit, get funky, and learn some street dance movements with Ty and Shay!

They host a beginner hip-hop fitness dance class consisting of street dance movements fused into a cardio workout! Choreographed songs will consist of 5-8 moves which combine the latest hip hop dance trends with aerobic movements. Their students LOVE them!

Imārah Amor Bey

Imārah, A.K.A "La Negrita” was born & raised in Vancouver. With her family’s origin being from the small Caribbean Island of Grenada, music and dance were a part of her everyday life. At the age of 4 she started training in Ballet, Tap, Acro and Jazz. And as a youth she moved on to train with one of Vancouver’s most unique Contemporary Dance Companies Arts Umbrella in their Youth Dance Program. This foundational training allowed her to excel in such disciplines as Salsa and Bachata Cha Cha Cha and the Latin folkloric dances, while training with the World Dance Co.'s professional dance team. She performed with them at various shows and events and went to Miami's World Latin Cup in December 2013 where they competed and won first place in the Rueda De Casino category. In early 2013 she fell in love with Kizomba and began training. She quickly excelled and began teaching shortly after. She continues to train as she believes this is what keeps her on top of her craft and enables her to give her best to her students. Imārah has a love for dance and music and this love goes very deep. It allows her to express what’s in her heart and soul and because of this, dance for her is not just dance. It's life.

Nathan Moes & Narmana Majumder

If you have seen a tall white guy and a little brown girl grinning from ear to ear on the kizomba dance floor, you've probably just seen Nathan and Narmana. After training underneath their mentors Cesar Salazar and Tracie Yee as performance team members and instructors they have begun teaching at Baza Dance and are thrilled to share their joy and delight for partner dancing with you. Dance changed their life. Let it change yours.

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