Private Dance Lessons in Vancouver


You've already made a great decision to visit our website and thank you for that! So, private lessons - what are the benefits?

• personal instruction is just that. Personal. It's for you, based on your needs, your learning preference, your style - because everyone is different.

• you will learn and progress much faster, as opposed to being in group classes.

• scheduling is more flexible since you can work out specific times with the instructor.

• connection - the best way to achieve proper dance flow and connection, is to actually feel what it should be like with an experienced instructor. You won't always get this in group classes.

What dances do we offer private dance lessons in?

• we offer lessons in salsa, bachata, zouk, tango, kizomba, west coast swing, reggaeton, contemporary, and more!

• our team of instructors are experts in various genres of dance, so we'll set you up accordingly.

How much does it cost?

• depending on your level of dance, we match you with an instructor using a tiered system. Based on years of experience, we have instructors from junior to senior level, with different hourly rates.

• we also offer discounts for 5 and 10 hour lesson packages.

• if you're new to dance, it would be more cost effective to go with a junior instructor, who is still more than capable to get you past the beginner level stage of dancing. We cater to you so you get the best overall experience!

• use the form below so we can get back to you with more details.


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