Vancity’s Elixir

Spotlights flashing. Beats droppin’. People vibin’. Floors thumpin’. It’s a snapshot of that moment when you’re connected; to your heart, the music, and perhaps another soul.

It’s what feeds a passion within you, brings a community together, and sustains that ever elusive feeling of endless joy. It’s dance.


No Fun-couver

You’ve heard all the nicknames for Vancouver: “no fun city”, “blandcouver”, “nofuncouver”. Are they valid? There’s no answer. It’s all about perspective. However, an industry which proves otherwise in Vancouver is dance.

The dance scene in the city is a vibrant one.  From hip-hop and contemporary, to latin and African, the scene overflows with talent, events and schools.


Baza Dance Studios recently took part in the Vancouver Dance Congress, which was held at the Hilton Burnaby this past weekend. Dance Congresses are weekend-long events filled with workshops, showcases and late night social dancing. It’s a party!

We brought the house down, representing in 7 performances to showcase our bachata, salsa, and fusion flavors. We taught workshops in Zouk, Latin fusion, and cha cha cha, and learned from out-of-town stars in the Latin scene.

Most importantly, we made connections – human connections. Between dancers, autoplan brokers and many other individuals. These huge events yield opportunities for growth, as individuals and as a community; and through connections, we all inspire and get inspired.

Outside of events, on a daily basis, we witness joy in the faces of dancers who connect over learning, socializing and entertaining. Whether it’s the joy of sharing our dance passions or getting inspired to better ourselves as dancers, we all get a boost of our “feel good” chemicals. There is every bit of “Funcouver” in that!


The Elixir

Are we claiming that dance is the elixir for the entire city? Of course not! It’s not for everyone. The elixir is you!

A city is its people. Leaders and go-getters will inspire positive growth to feed a passion. Positive thinkers will go out, discover, and experiment to find their elixir. Find it, and Vancouver is the most beautiful and fun city in the world!

And if you do need a tip, try dance! It’s amazing how a little help negates the notion of having two left feet! At Baza Dance Studios, you #getinspired!

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