An Inspired Family

Name one thing you have the urge to do when you’re ecstatic about something.

You want to share it with someone! Right.  Now, what does that person do?

They feel the happiness and get the urge to share it too.

When someone else sees all this happiness being shared, they, in turn, want those feel good vibes to rub off on them and they pass it along. It’s our human nature to feed off of these vibes and naturally multiply them.


Baza’s Foundation

At Baza Dance Studios, our bodies yearn for dance while our hearts continually search for happiness. This starts with our leadership family. Every single instructor at Baza is here, first and foremost, to inspire others to discover, explore and achieve happiness that is unique to each individual.

As studio directors, Kristal and Wayne openly share their story about leaving their corporate 9-5 jobs in order to pursue their happiness; using dance as a medium to inspire others. Whether it’s inspiring someone to pursue their own dance journey or to take a leap and go for whatever it is they think is impossible, the end result is the same – happiness. The directors truly believe that it’s this mentality which allows them to flourish and continue to grow at a relatively fast pace. Students also feel this energy as soon as they step into the studio, and they can’t stop telling others about it!


A Shared Vision

Kristal and Wayne ensure that each new member of the leadership family shares their vision and philosophy. They don’t see it as a job of the owners to market a vision and passion in order to sell the studio’s offerings. The passion has to be felt and shared within the leadership team and only then can students feel the positive energy that they can’t get enough of. Some students come to Baza to improve their dance skills and raise their level and others come for the experience of meeting and hanging out with people in a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere.

With this environment, growing the Baza community has always been an authentic and genuine process. Those who relate will come and stay, and let’s face it; dance is an attractive market to start with. Who doesn’t want some feel good vibes?!


Meet the family that will make waves in this city. We are striving to be a dance powerhouse in Vancouver, but soon we’ll be known as the “most happy place” in town!

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